Better Baking: The Flour Substitute Edition

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What’s in your Christmas Cookie?

Better Baking: The Flour Edition

Have a family recipe that uses some ingredients that are no longer your favorites? Don’t fret! Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting some of the ingredient swaps that I often use in my kitchen!

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Almond Meal 

While the texture is vastly different than flour and there is no gluten to react in baked goods, I find that Almond Meal works fantastically in cookies! In fact, you should check out my Superfood Overnight Thumbprint Cookies.

Almond Meal cannot replace flour entirely in some recipes but if you’re looking for something new and flavorful, check out some of the recipes on my blog by searching Almond Meal. Not only is it gluten-free, but you can make your own by processing wholesome & protein-packed almonds! Learn how to make your own here and I always recommend buying almonds in bulk. I’ve linked what I buy below *


I love using oats in crisps and crumbles. They are naturally sweet and toast beautifully. I often add oats to quick breads and pancakes to up the fiber content. Oats cannot be used to replace flour completely in a recipe, but you can find some awesome alternatives on the blog by searching Oats. I love the Gluten Free Varieties from Bob’s Red Mill*

Brown Rice Flour 

When baking gluten-free, you’ll often need to use a blend of flours to achieve success. I’ve had luck adding Brown Rice flour in brownie & cookie flour blends. In fact, my Avocado Brownies use a healthy serving of it, as does my Apple Spice Skillet Cake. Brown rice flour is high in protein, fiber rich and packed with awesome vitamins and minerals.

Gluten Free 1:1 Flour Blends 

There are several 1:1 Gluten Free Flours on the market. Many of these blends are not “healthier” per say, but they provide those with a gluten intolerance with an easy solution. Recipe results may stray a tad from the original, but you can find these in your baking isle in almost every grocery store these days!

How To: Make healthier choices when choosing flour substitutes this Holiday Baking Season!

Tell me, what have you made so far this year?!


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