Hi there! I’m Allie and welcome to my kitchen! I’m so happy you’re here . I would describe my culinary style as life-friendly. What does that mean, you ask? I create delicious meals that fit into your busy schedule, please your picky eaters’ palate, make your wallet happy, and help you to fit into your favorite skinny jeans.

My dishes are extremely healthful, with an exception of a few cheat meals (lookin’ at you pie). I live in a very small town, so the majority of the ingredients I use can be found at your local grocery store. The recipes may be simple, but don’t you go thinking they will lack in flavor.

I’m not gluten, carb, or dairy free. Many of my recipes are, and I’ll sometimes provide you with substitutions to make meals fit your dietary needs.  I’m not a vegetarian, but I have an appreciation for meatless meals. I also have a large appreciation for wild game and sustainably obtained food sources (more on this to come). I use sugar and flour in some of my “naughty” baking, but on a day to day basis I avoid refined sugars and flours.

I’m also not a certified nutritionist or personal trainer, but I do believe in educating yourself about what you eat and  on ways to be healthy. I’ll always try to back up my findings with factual and scientific evidence, but please remember that I’m just a home cook like all of you.

I’ll get to the bottom line. I’m here to be your recipe gal for every one of life’s beautiful events-even Mondays. Whether you’re an experienced cook, mom (or dad) of 6 kiddies, young professional living alone for the first time, newlywed, proud grandparent or if you’re someone trying your hand at healthy cooking for the first time, you’ll find something here. Oh, and you can be sure everything is sent from my kitchen to yours, with lots of love.


Miss AK

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