You’ve probably gathered this much, but, HEY THERE – my name is Allie! I’m a self-proclaimed Food Network addict, cowgirl boot collector, avocado obsessor, wannabe wine connoisseur and hot pepper junky. I excel at the sport of stealing food off of other peoples’ plates during a meal. Yes, this is a sport, it takes extreme skill and dedication.

My friends and family have tons of crazy nicknames for me: Albert, Jellybean, Peanut, Tootsie, Pumpkin, and Sissy to name just a few. The one I hear most often is Miss Allie. Out of this grew Miss Allie’s Kitchen.

I’m a self-taught home cook, but I’ve had a lot of help over the years. When I was a little girl, my mom taught me to bake. She’s methodical, you see, and her precision and patience result in some seriously drool-worthy creations. My culinary appreciation and adventure stem directly from my daddy-0. He has taught me how to COOK, to appreciate great food and the art of crossing your eyes while making obnoxious noises when you really taste something spectacular.

My cooking style has evolved as I have over the years. I grew up in a family full of athletes – healthy food wasn’t an option it was a requirement. My sweet momma is also sensitive to gluten & dairy so I have learned to love cooking for those with restrictions. In college, Friday night dinners were spent with my closest girlfriends. In an effort to save a few bucks, we learned how to cook to feed 10 girls with about $5 to our names. Don’t ask me how many black bean dishes we made.

In recent years my cooking style has changed drastically. I no longer eat “skinny frozen meals”, count calories, restrict certain food items, or have any hard limits to my diet. I search for whole food sources to cook with, to create natural and fresh meals with the ingredients I have available around me. I eat to FEEL GOOD on the inside. 

After moving 9 times in 7 years, and I’ve landed in Central, PA…aka Small Town USA. Call me crazy, but I love it here. In addition to my online presence, I love to be active in my community. Speaking of community, it is everything to me, and I’d love to know what your needs are and how I can help through Miss Allie’s Kitchen. Please feel free to contact me via email in the Contact Me section above.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog and trying my recipes as much as I enjoy creating them. You can read more about what to expect from my kitchen: here. Lastly, there is one thing that will always remain the same for me: The thing I love most about cooking is those I’m cooking for.



Miss AK

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