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a smoked manhattan cocktail on a grey counter

Smoked Manhattan Cocktail

  • Author: Miss AK


Learn how to make a delicious Smoked Manhattan Cocktail at home that any bartender would be proud of. You don’t even need a smoking gun!



3oz bourbon⁠
1 oz sweet vermouth ⁠
3-4 dashes of aromatic bitters ⁠
1-2 maraschino cherries ⁠
A few smoking chips or even a couple of pellets from your @traegergrills , citrus peels, and/or fresh herbs ⁠


To start, light your smoking chip or pellets with a kitchen torch (CAREFULLY!). Place the citrus peel and/ or herbs on the burning chip/pellets. Blow the flame out and immediately cover the smoking pile with your cocktail glass. Do this on an old plate or slate cutting board. ⁠

While the glass smokes, make the cocktail. Add the bourbon, vermouth and bitters to a cocktail shaker or glass and stir vigorously to combine. ⁠

When you’re ready to pour your drink, quickly turn your glass over and pour in the drink while it still has some smoke in it. Then add the smoked citrus, herbs and the cherry

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