Early Autumn Adventures

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   A little bit of life, lately

Autumn Adventures - Miss Allie's Kitchen

Early Autumn Adventures

Hi friends! I’m trying something new and sharing a little bit of my everyday life & what has been going on lately! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I’m a total fall fanatic. This may be coming at you at little early (seeing that it isn’t officially fall – HAHA), but I’m already up to my eyes in everything pumpkin & I couldn’t be more excited about it!

Autumn Breakfast Bowl

Yep, I already broke out the flannel!

The weather in Central, PA has been stunning lately, I’m sitting here writing & it is sunny, breezy and about 72 degrees. So, I’ve been soaking up as much time as I can before I’m holed up for the winter!

Here are my 3 favorite fall highlights

Fall Decorating:

Fall Pumpkin Decorating

I spent a little time lazily getting out some of my fall decorations. I love lighting a candle, putting on some college football & letting the day melt away. I’m often (always) rushing around clumsily, so times like these are really sacred for me.

Here’s some of what I have going so far! Check out that cutie antler pumpkin!

Fall Decorating Ideas - Miss Allie's Kitchen

I’m still drooling over this sweet wreath! Front porch decorating is still underway, but this is what we’re looking at so far!

Fall Front Porch


JMan and I went for the most beautiful hike last weekend; I jump at the chance to do something active to switch up my routines on the weekends. We only went for about 2 miles but a lot of our little treck was on a good incline!

Fall Flannel & Boots


Fall Hiking

Pumpkin Picking:

This is my #1 highlight so far, we came to this adorable little roadside stand selling pumpkins for SUCH a steal. I stocked up and am ready to get decorating and carving when the time comes!

Fall Pumpkin Patch


Pumpkin Patch Picking


Pumpkin Picking


Pumpkin Decorating


Pumpkin Patch

Here we are at last year’s pumpkin patch!

What I’m Looking Forward To

Football Games:

I can’t wait to be knee deep in football season cheering away for my favorite teams. Actually as your reading this I’m probably in the stands at the Penn State v. Temple game.


This is a big family tradition, and we’re definitely going to try to re-create this pic from last year!

Family Tailgate

The broski, my sweet little momma, daddy-o, and me!

Apple Orchards:

OK, so this is something I’ve never done but I’m dying to go! Bring on the apple pie baking!

My Favorite Pie Dough - Miss Allie's KitchenIf you need a recipe for crust, look no further: My Favorite Pie Dough


Probably one of my favorite Holidays. If you have any epic costume ideas, feel free to help a girl out.

Oh, and if you need some Halloween party recipe inspo, try these:

Sweet Potato Cheesesteak Sliders

Philly Cheesesteak Sweet Potato Sliders 


Banana Peanut Butter S'Mores Bites - Miss Allie's Kitchen

these Banana Peanut Butter S’mores Bites 

OK, so now you tell me! What are you looking forward to this fall??!


Miss AK

  • Aya @ A Healthy Story


    Awesome post! Loving your decorations and your adorable front porch!

    I’m always the most excited for 1.) fall tv and 2.) Thanksgiving! I love Halloween too but can never figure out a costume until the last minute so it gives me way too much stress haha

    • allmcd3

      Haha it is SO hard to pick the best costume!

  • Britney @ Savour and Shine


    How cute is your porch! I love pumpkins so much, especially the little baby ones, so cute!! They make great decorations!

    • allmcd3

      The BEST decorations, right??!

  • jess larson | playswellwithbutter


    how cute is your front porch, allie?! i love it! total fall fanatic here too – for all the reasons you explained above, plus sweater season!!

    • allmcd3

      Oh, I know! Wearing one this morning 🙂

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